A Boutique Guesthouse Rivaling Hotels

Heaven on Earth Boutiques is the pinnacle of accommodation in Johannesburg, with amazing views, central location and lots to do we will make your stay in the City of Gold as valuable as Gold.

Heaven on Earth Boutiques is a hotel style guesthouse that leaves you well rested and with comfortable accommodation and good breakfast, you will feel like you are a boutique hotel.

With excellent service, breakfast, entertainment and rooms you will have the warmest welcome.

One of very few Guest Houses in Johannesburg South away from the stopped traffic of the big city, you will have an impressive stay.

From Our lovely fire pits to the sundeck, the guesthouse will make you feel on top of the world. With a cosmopolitan view and lots to do, you won’t go a day without having something exciting to do.

At Heaven on Earth Boutiques, we strive to give you the most sensational experience. With service that rivals luxury hotels, you will won’t regret our stay.

We have fantastic restaurants and venues in the area around the guesthouse.  From excellent restaurants to modern shopping malls you will feel right at home and relaxed even when you are not relaxing at the guesthouse.

Feel free to contact us to make your home away from home Heaven on Earth Boutiques.